Two ridiculous reasons why England will win this World Cup

In the 2009 Ashes, Kevin Pietersen played the first two matches before getting ruled out of the remainder of the series due to an Achilles tendon injury. Three games later:

The following year, Stuart Broad returned home after playing the first two matches in the Ashes, due to a torn abdominal muscle. Guess what?

I rest my idiotic case.


    1. ..still feel that Broad’s loss will be crucial…he is their best bowler in ODIS…Anderson’s form is iffy and there will be too much pressure on Swann and Bresnan
      Though I am thrilled to hear that Morgan is back 🙂

      1. And also Tremlett doesn’t have the best record in ODIs, esp. in the SC.

        Yeah, Morgan is a welcome replacement, since England had no finishers! But it also means Prior will have to open again, and out-of-form Colly might have to play.

  1. Ah…nicely spotted!

    But on each occasion, only 1 was out. So what happens when both are out?! England win the WC undefeated hereon?!! 🙂

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