Who is tracer007?

The writings of Benny (aka tracer007) are the products of the mind of a cricket fanatic who has been following the game for the last 15 years. After a brief stint in school cricket in the 90s, he decided that chasing a red ball around a field in white flannels as a substitute fielder was not really getting him anywhere. He subsequently entered medical school, where he spent half the time learning how not to kill a patient and the rest of the time, sharing his opinions about the state of international cricket to people who had no idea of what he was talking about. Since graduation, he is living in the U.S., where he chanced upon the world of cricket blogging; and in an instant, an idea to start a cricket blog shot through his brain ‘like a tracer bullet’ and Like a Tracer Bullet was born. You can also follow him on twitter (@tracerbullet007) and if you are lucky enough, on match days you might just see him tweet an inane cliché such as ‘…like a tracer bullet!’


  1. Hi Benny

    We recently launched our website http://diehardcricketfans.org
    It is a fan centric site where fans from all around the world can express themselves.

    You seem to be a big fan of cricket and blog about it.

    We are looking for fans who can contribute articles to the site. As you are a diehard cricket fan we were wondering if you would like to participate.

    We are currently a team of around 25 fans now who are actively participating in it. We would love to have you on board with us.

    All credit is given to the author, you can link your fb/twitter page and link back to your Original blog posts.

    Also Rishabh from The Adventures of Billy the Worm has already started to contribute to DieHard Cricket Fans.

    Waiting for a positive response

    DieHard Cricket Fans

    1. I would love to do so in the near future…right now, I’m busy with certain other things, which doesn’t give me much time to blog as I used to; but I will definitely contribute soon..

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