@DustbinCricket at the acerbic best…

Thoughts from the Dustbin

… is not on this year, because apparently I’m just being bitchy, while “real” cricket fans are more concerned with who wins.

Wait a minute … I couldn’t give a shit what they think. If they have a problem, they can feel free not to read any further. Here we go …

The winner of the “Why, oh why?” award:


The Winner of the “Thank God he’s got money” award:


The winner of the “Good Lord young lady, you really can do better” award:


The winner of the “Ye Gads” award:


The winner of the “something died on his head” award:


The winner of the “Shoulder pads and bad hair” award and the “Looking stupid gets us attention, because we are no one’s favourite anymore” award:


The winner of the “Someone forgot to turn off the sunbed” award:


And, finally, my personal favourite – the “five rolls of dress tape”…

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