JRod brings you all the cricket news of the last week that you really need to know..

cricket with balls

This is a new column.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have started with that line.

This is a new column about cricket news.  There is a lot of cricket of news.  Cricket is a billion dollar industry, and people talk about it a lot.

So I have decided to put together all the news (all the news I hear or care about, or just want to make fun of) in a super long column so you can ignore all other cricket news outlets and just use it.

It’s a once a week all you can eat cricket news buffet, because you may have missed something when you were sleeping.  Unless you read the Wellington Intelligentsia, you probably wouldn’t know that the great Jesse Ryder is back playing professional cricket after his undefeated boxing career.  You can’t follow it all, you’ve got things to do, I mean between eating, pooing and playing cricket…

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