@sidvee makes somes excellent points and addresses all the pertinent issues surrounding the debates on SRT….


Discussing Sachin Tendulkar has never been easy. He lends himself to arguments. Most of these arguments are like giant fractals – each made up of smaller, similar sounding mini-arguments. To debate Tendulkar is to be caught in a whirlpool and bombarded with streams of thought from tangential directions.

So I have tried to rip the present Tendulkar debate (about his poor series against New Zealand and calls for retirement) threadbare. I have singled out each part of the argument and presented my view. As always, you are welcome to disagree and extend the debate further.

The consistently-bowled-translates-to-you’re-finished reasoning

Losing your stumps must be the most humbling way to get out. I doubt if this debate would have been so heated if Tendulkar was caught behind or lbw in Hyderabad and Bangalore. But he was bowled three times – not playing-on bowled but clean bowled. Neck-and-crop, as they say. Not only has Tendulkar…

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