No Sacred cows !

So let’s say you don’t root for either the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) or the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Let’s say you hate rooting for CSK because they have already won the league twice and you want to see a different winner. Let’s say you believe that Mr N. Srinivasan is the root of all evil and deserves to be punished for wearing dual hats as the caretaker of Indian cricket and the Chennai Super Kings. Let’s say you hate all things Chennai or have no interest in picking a side in Sunday’s blockbuster finale. Let’s say you are about to root for change and the Kolkata Knight Riders…..This post will help you.

Here’s why you should still root for the Chennai Super Kings and not for Shah Rukh Khan’s Kkkkkkkkkkolkata Knight Riders….

Fans – Chennai fans are hip, passionate and cool. They take to the streets of downtown…

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