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No Sacred cows !

Over the last 12 months, Ravichandran Ashwin has bowled 589 overs for his national team and 79 overs for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). He has played in 38 matches for India and 22 matches for CSK. In all, he has been on the field for 80 days. Add to this, the travel involved – In just this period, Ashwin has travelled to five of the nine other test playing nations and 17 different cities in India. I hope he’s signed up for every frequent flyer program out there.

Even in this day of cricket all the time, cricket everywhere, this is a phenomenal workload. Among international cricketers only Virat Kohli comes close to having endured the same level of travel and stress. But Kohli’s primary job is to bat (as evident from this over on 4/12/12 against Chennai). The stress on the body, while significant is not as…

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    1. Workhorses are fine, but even Kumble and Bhajji went through phases where they just ambled in and rolled their arms over, coz of burnout….there needs to be some sort of plan otherwise RAshwin won’t reach his full potential and will eventually be dropped

      1. Those phases weren’t at the beginning of their careers, they came much later. Kumble’s was after he had been playing Tests for a decade! Though to be fair, I never really thought Ashwin was ready for Tests when he was picked. India needs a stable spinner for now, and that man is Ojha. They already messed up by not picking Murali Kartik when he was peaking as a bowler.

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