Gary Naylor does what he does best….


The retirement of Rahul Dravid has brought forth an avalanche of eulogies from all over the world – one would expect no less from the media.

Except that I did, if not quite expect less then certainly feared less, because “the media” is no longer a closed brotherhood of those with bylines on printed pages, but a seething mass of keyboard warriors, phone-in shouters and belligerent bloggers as capricious as any mob Shakespeare imagined. Yet mostly (if not quite always) cricket’s “mob” appears to comprise reasonable people, who love the game more than the men and women who play it, support their own teams but recognise the merits, cultures and histories of others and embrace their passion for victory rather than be enslaved by it. Defeats are more often met with a wry smile than a bulging vein pulsing in the neck and facile demands that every player, manager, director…

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