Nice thoughts from one of Dravid’s true fans…

No Sacred cows !

I could have chosen to defend Hinduism or Keynesian economics. I could have chosen to fight crime or raise awareness of the many things this world needs awareness about. Instead, I chose the life and times of Mr Rahul Dravid. He is the only cause I have ever really fought for. Insult me and I go blah! Question his skills and I become the president from ‘Independence Day‘. Question it some more or pretend like you can’t hear me, and I become the Incredible Hulk.

Since the summer of ’96, I have proudly represented Rahul Dravid at colleges, corporations and coffee shops. I was a Dravid fan before it was hip and I have been in more Dravid-Sachin debates with friends than is clinically safe.

I was there for the cause in the pre-Cricinfo age. I had to remind everyone that ‘slow’ is not the same as ‘boring’…

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