In Dhoni we trust

Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

There is something so reassuring about watching the Indian skipper come out to bat in an ODI chase, when the Indian team is under the pump.

There is something so reassuring about watching him nudge the singles and twos first, then accelerate when the situation requires it.

Its like he knows exactly what he has to do and how to do it. It has all been mapped out in his mind, and all he needs to do is not lose his head and shepherd the chase to its logical conclusion.

It is almost anticlimactic when he hits the winning runs (honorable exceptions – the World Cup final and the 3rd ODI in this series) because we knew it was coming all along; and there are few sights more pleasing for an Indian fan, than the sight of a victorious skipper walking back with just a hint of a smile while his team-mates just explode in joy around him.

As @mspr1nt said on Twitter, he might be the real Mr Cricket after all.

"The name is Dhoni.....MS Dhoni"

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