The best/worst of cricket commentary

Where would today’s international cricket be without TV commentators? In a better place, perhaps; but one cannot argue the incredulity factor regarding most of them. They make the audio-visual experience amusing and entertaining, even if they don’t offer too much insight as one would expect from former cricketers.

Gone are the days when a John Arlott or a Richie Benaud brought a certain gravitas and knowledge to the commentary box. Now, any Tom, Dick or Hariharan can walk into the commentary booth after his playing days, and pretty much state the obvious, day in and day out. Luckily for most, the alternative choices of Test Match Sofa and Pitch Invasion alleviates their misery in some series/tournaments.

Make no mistake; there are some really good commentators out there, but they are overshadowed by the bad, terrible and Sidhus. Now, thanks to the IPL, new lows of commentary have been reached with additions of new pithy lexicons to the game. Sixes are DLF maximums, simple catches are Karbon Kamaal catches, a wicket automatically becomes a Citi moment of success. I understand that it is a sign of the times we live in, but why overdo it?

Anyway, this has led to a lot of interesting gems with everyone trying to outdo each other, particularly in the IPL. Cricinfo’s Page 2 has a lot of commentary ‘fails’….I decided to add the more amusing ones in my new page. Do check it out and realize these are some of the best commentators we have got today!



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