The previous three weeks…

I’m back!

Wow, I have been off the blogosphere for about 3 weeks, and already so much has happened in the world of cricket. I wish I could say that my absence was due to a supposed role as a Navy SEAL involved in the execution of OBL, but alas, I was involved in something more dreary but almost equally challenging!

Anyways, I figured that nothing major would happen in 3 weeks; the IPL was still rambling on, and Pakistan were taking on a West Indian squad sans Gayle and Pollard (yawn). Well, as it turned out, there were quite a few interesting happenings which I would have loved to write about (and still might!) over the last few weeks.

  • Duncan Fletcher is the new head coach of the Indian team. I’m cautiously optimistic about this appointment, as my mental image of him is somewhat similar to Guru Greg, but the people in the know, all seem to have a good opinion about him. We’ll just have to wait and see.
  • Saurav Ganguly is back in the IPL. Playing for Pune, he scored a decent unbeaten knock. What will it take to put this man down?
  • Shane Warne is playing in his last IPL. Without him, I doubt if the Royals will be any better from the next season.
  • The IPL is going on forever. All I know is, that Gayle is happy and opposition bowlers are sad. Oh, and there is an obligatory scandal; this time involving cheer leaders.
  • Tillakaratne Dilshan is the new skipper for the Lankans. Obviously, he is warming the seat for Angelo Mathews. He will look to make his short stint a memorable one.
  • Meanwhile in England, the place where innovations in cricket are born, they have decided to appoint three skippers for each of the formats. Can Broad keep his body in one piece to be able to lead his team?
  • While the likes of Gayle, Pollard, Bravo and Taylor ply their wares in an Indian domestic league, West Indies are engaged in an interesting tussle with Pakistan. I’m particularly following the progress of Bishoo, and his contest with the Indians next month will confirm if he is the next big thing.
  • Gambhir is back as captain for the ODI leg of the West Indies tour, and the likes of Badri and Rohit Sharma make a return as well. It was good to see that the selectors were not swayed by the IPL, and instead rewarded the ones who have been consistent in the Ranji Trophy. Badri deserved his place, but now it is up to him to establish himself; same goes for Rohit Sharma.

So, thats that. Soon, the IPL will be over, and a busy international season will get underway. India tours West Indies, followed by a tour of England, which I believe will be one of the most anticipated Test series in a while. So, all in all, a good summer of cricket awaits. Let the good times roll on!

Sweet as....!


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