Letter from Gary Kirsten

(I received this in the mail today, as I had subscribed to Gary’s website. Contact him and let him know your feelings about his contribution to Indian cricket!)

Dear Benny

It has been a few days now since Team India lifted the ICC World Cup in a magnificent match with Sri Lanka.

I’m very grateful to have played a part in this victory which means so much to all of India. The past three years have been a privilege for me as I have learned about India and got to know not only the talented cricketers but also the many, many wonderful people I have met over this time.

All credit to the Indian team as they are the ones who did all the hard work and performed so brilliantly under pressure which was at times extreme. As a coaching staff, our role was to create a positive environment in which they could do their work. We have been fortunate that everything turned out as it did on the night.

Every single member of Team India did their part in achieving this victory. The side has now shown how successful they can be when pulling together as a team.

Thank you to the BCCI for inviting me to India and to the rest of the ‘team’ that have supported me since I came here in 2008. Particularly my fellow South Africans, Paddy Upton who has been with me from the beginning and Eric Simons who joined us more recently. There are many, many more people who while I cannot thank them individually, I am appreciative of the role they played in this victory.

Most important though is my family, who have played an incredibly supportive role which has allowed me to do this work. In the short term my priority is to spend meaningful time with my wife Debbie and our boys. We need quality time together as it has been difficult for them with me being away from home as much as I have over the past years.

My academy is very important to me. I’ve been fortunate in receiving some contributions which have allowed the facilities in Constantia Cape Town to be upgraded. My long term plan is for the academy to be my base and I have significant plans for how it can grow and flourish. At this stage I cannot make a firm commitment about when the academy will again be offering coaching services.
I would like to encourage you to be in contact using the academy website should you be interested in being assessed through our video analysis program, attending a course or offering sponsorship for the academy. I will keep you informed of progress once I have your details.

We also have a facebook page for the academy. I’d love to have you join our community.

All the very best

Gary Kirsten


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