Say it ain’t so, Afridi

So yesterday, I’m going through all the cricket articles I can find on the internet, when I stumbled onto a provocatively titled:

Indians not as large hearted as Pakistanis: Afridi

Now knowing the Indian media’s penchant for sensationalism, I refused to believe that Afridi would have said anything close to that, and decided to take a look for myself as to what he was talking about.

Here is the video link, thanks to @teejay_tweets.

Now, there are a few things here which I would have normally ignored, but few others I can’t simply let go. I have admired Afridi for a long time, and I was really impressed with the way he handled himself and the media after the semi-final; but something seems to have changed ever since he went back home.

In my opinion, if I have to tell the truth, they (Indians) will never have hearts like Muslims and Pakistanis. I don’t think they have the large and clean hearts that Allah has given us.

(Apart from the pretty obvious bigotry here, has Shahid never met an Indian Muslim in his life?)

It is a very difficult thing for us to live with them (Indians) or to have long-term relationship with them. Nothing will come out of talks. See how many times in the past 60 years we have had friendship and then how many times things have gone bad.

(So, what do you propose Afridi? You seem to know how to fix this problem..Definitely not if you keep spewing these statements..)

We don’t want to fight with each other but a third country – everyone knows which one it is – is trying to spoil our relations. (This country) is taking advantage of Pakistan and wants to take advantage of India. I don’t want to go into details but these people will not let us come together.

(I’m sorry…I have no clue…if everyone knows this, can someone let me in on the secret?)

The Indian media has a very negative approach and very negative thoughts. The people may not be like that but I think the media had a very dirty role in spoiling relations between us and India.

Our media, which is criticised by people, is hundred times better than theirs.

(This is one point which may be actually true, but since I don’t read Pakistani newspapers, I can’t verify that.)

Here is the statement that really got my goat (metaphorically speaking, of course!)

I think they were both very stupid comments by Rehman Malik and Gautam Gambhir…I wasn’t expecting this from Gautam…This is all politics, what do you know about who carried out the Bombay attacks?

(While I completely agree with his views on Rehman Malik, why did he drag Gambhir into this? Gambhir had only dedicated the World Cup victory to victims of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Where did he imply that it had anything to do with Pakistan? Even Tendulkar had dedicated his knock in the third Test against England in 2008 to the victims of the attack. Nowhere did he imply that Pakistan were responsible for it. Why does it matter to Afridi as to whom Gambhir dedicates the victory to?)

Anyway, I refused to believe the story till I saw the video. Now, I have lost all respect I’ve had for Afridi. Hopefully, this was just an instance of a brain fade for him. He has already copped enough abuse for these statements, and I’m not going to join in on it; but I hope that he refrains from making class-less statements like these, which does nothing to improve the relations between the two nations.

Afridi and his case of serious 'head dislocation'...



  1. He was singing a diff tune when he first landed in Pakistan..
    I had lost respect for him after the ball-biting incident itself, but was beginning to like him again after the way he conducted his team in the World Cup… I guess now it’s back to square one.

  2. Just want to let you know.. how good the Pakistani Media is.. We just have to keep our ears and eyes open… After watching this.. tell me who wants peace? Gambhir did the right thing and infact Tendulkar also has dedicated this win to the 26/11 victims.

  3. If this is how Afridi really feels about Indians and about relations between our nations, then I too have lost respect for him. His acting (what else could it be?) was pretty good while in India… I had actually thought he had been gracious and almost statesman-like.

    One can only hope that some wiser Pakistanis (like Imran Khan or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) will counsel him and his fans (some of whom seem to idolize him even more now).

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