If India wins the World Cup, I will eat this post

Thats it. I finally give up, any hope of India winning this World Cup. The batting is shaky, the bowling is unreliable and the fielding is atrocious. The only reason India managed to win against the West Indies was because the Windies were even worser.

They now face Australia in the second quarterfinal. Given, the Aussies have not exactly inspired confidence in this campaign either; but the form of Lee, Watson and Hussey might just see them through.

Even if they make it past the Aussies, they will most probably run into Pakistan. India have never lost a World Cup match to their arch rivals, but given the way Pakistan has been stitching together their performances, that streak might come to an end.

If India do make it to the final despite overcoming these teams, they will run into either Sri Lanka or South Africa. Simply put, there will no place to hide for the inconsistent performances by this Indian team.

Ashwin’s inclusion has made the bowling look better, but the fact still remains, that they are one of the most non-threatening attacks in the competition. Fielding has never been India’s strong suit, and unfortunately that will be exploited against the top teams. The sudden decline in the team’s batting fortunes, especially during the batting powerplay adds to Dhoni’s headaches. One solution is to bat second on winning the toss, as it will atleast give the batsmen a clear goal and game plan; but given the way they chased against Ireland and Netherlands, I’m not too optimistic about this either.

So, I have steeled myself for an impending exit, so that I may not spiral into depression, like I did after the 2003 and 2007 World Cups. India just don’t have the team to win this World Cup. So, in the spirit of David Frith, I will eat my words if India lift this World Cup. Of course, since this is the digital age, I will have to take a print-out of this article and do it!

I am a man of my word.



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