A Note to all Cricket Blogs – World Cup 2011

The World Cup is unofficially underway, with a few practice matches already having taken place, and the first league game less than a week away. The experts can argue about the relevance of ODI matches today, but there is nothing like a World Cup to get cricket fever going. Anyway, here are some final points before the tournament opener begins:

  • For those interested in playing the Cricinfo World Cup Fantasy game, do log in, create a team and join my league ‘Cricophiles United’ and enter the pin 1020.
  • For those inclined towards predicting the outcomes of the games, you can play Cricket Pick’em, where you can join my league at ‘Cricophiles United’.

And lastly, I am searching for some good cricket blogs which focus on New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies and Bangladesh. If you know any, please let me know.




  1. I think it’s time I started playing those fantasy games- I feel like an outcast now everyone is twittering about them. 🙂

    For Kiwi blogs you have Suhas at Paint it black – http://www.thekiwiflies.blogspot.com
    There’s also Wes of course who blogs whenever they’ve had a game. She’s at http://www.playforcountrynotforself.com

    About the Windies, Lankans and Banglas I don’t know though there are some good Stani blogs. (I blog occasionally about them too 😛 ) but check: Masuud Qazi at http://www.bloodycricket.com and staniarmy.com The latter is sadly not updated frequently anymore though.


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