Jonathan Trott – FEC, anyone?

The Trott-master

Ian Jonathan Leonard Trott is one the most obdurate, annoying and clinically efficient batsmen in international cricket today. He might be of South African origin, but his batting is as English as they come. In Tests, he can stonewall for hours at an end, and still have loads of runs to show for his effort, as an average of 61.53 after 30 innings indicate. Now, as he showed at Adelaide yesterday, he can transfer that form to the ODIs as well. In 15 innings, he has scored 6 fifties and 2 centuries at an average of 54.38, and that is not too bad for a person, whom many considered initially as a misfit in the shorter formats. He also has the pesky habit of making the fielding team wait before each delivery as he marks his guard painstakingly slow, and despite all the protestations from the oppositions and the umpires, he remains unfazed and follows his ritual religiously. He has some street cred after his altercation with Wahab Riaz last summer and as far as sledging is concerned, he can give as good as he gets.

I’m just mentioning all these things, as I believe Trott has got what is needed to be the next FEC (Future England Captain), once Strauss steps down in a couple of years. Sure, there is Alastair Cook and fellow Warwickshire team-mate Ian Bell who can be considered ahead of him; but Cooky and Belly (BTW, why is the English team so non-creative that they cannot come up with nicknames that does not end in ‘-y’?), for all their improved form do not inspire much confidence when it comes to the shorter formats. Cook is not an automatic selection in either the ODIs or T20s, while Bell who is probably the best timer of the ball in the team is still prone to making attractive 30s and 40s without going on to make a bigger one. Neither of them will be able to command the respect of the team in the manner Trott would be able to if he is appointed skipper. He reminds me of Steve Waugh and that is good enough for me! At the moment, Trott is still relatively new on the international scene with 18 Tests and 15 ODIs, but I feel he has done enough to be considered seriously in a couple of years, when it would be time for a change of captaincy.

Of course, a lot could change in that time. Cook might transform himself into a champion ODI batsman and Bell could become one of the most prolific and consistent scorers in the world. Trott might hit a prolonged rough patch – but these are all ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’……It might be a bit premature, considering that Strauss won’t be going anywhere soon, but in case of injury or reasons of rest, I believe Trott would be the best of the available options as a stand-in skipper. He might not have much of captaincy experience compared to Cook or Bell, but he has excelled in everything he has done so far (including bowling) and there is no reason why he cannot bring that same bloody mindedness and heart to the captaincy as well. What do you think?



  1. Hmmm…possible, but I’m not so sure.

    I too think quite highly of him as a Test batsman, and he’s showing he can contribute very significantly in ODIs too (which I must admit I hadn’t expected).

    But if I’m not wrong, he hasn’t captained Warwickshire yet, has he? So do we really know what he’s capable of as a leader and tactician?

    My own feeling is England will hand over the Test reins to Cook after Strauss, and select a new leader for ODIs & T20s (I’m not sure if Cook can become an ODI regular…but I could be wrong). For they already have 2 captains. And KP might well be aspiring to one day lead England again…perhaps starting with the T20 captaincy after Collingwood retires.

    But who knows…your Trott call could turn out to be prescient.

    PS: From a political angle, will Trott be acceptable as England captain? I know KP has already captained…but hadn’t Michael Vaughn claimed that he’d seen Trott celebrating SA’s win over England a few years back? Is that water under the bridge, or could it still affect Trott’s captaincy chances?

    1. To my knowledge, he has no captaincy experience in county cricket, but all captains start somewhere…take Dhoni for instance..He didn’t captain any team before he led India..and look how it tuned out..

      Cook is the favorite to take over from Strauss in Tests, but I’m not sure if the ECB want to continue with two captains for Tests and ODIs…in that case, they would turn to Bell I guess….Its highly improbable that KP will get another chance, after all that had happened with the last coach, and his twitter fail!
      As for Vaughan – after Trott’s performance in the Ashes and ODIs, it would take a brave (and foolish) man to question Trott’s loyalties…and in a couple of years time, people won’t really hold on to such things when choosing a skipper..

      1. Fair point about 1st time captains…like Dhoni or Smith. But you know Dhoni had reeeally impressed one and all in the Indian camp during Dravid’s captaincy…even Greg C had said in an interview that Dhoni was as impressive a young man as any he had ever met.

        But are you sure about KP’s prospects in all forms?…coz once Collingwood goes, there isn’t any strong contender for T20s yet…and KP might get really pissed if a Bell or Morgan is considered more worthy. After all, KP is their best player and was MVP at their WC win.

        On the political side, I asked because although these things shouldn’t matter, very often when it comes to positions of power or prestige, prejudices often play a part. But it’ll be refreshing if it doesn’t.

  2. Even though Flower or Strauss have publicly opined about Trott’s leadership capacities, I’m sure they hold him in high regard. In a brief career so far, he has handled himself pretty well, except for the Riaz incident. He should be given a fair chance, me thinks.
    AS for KP, I think it would be a blunder if the ECB go back to him. He might be the MVP in the team, but the way he handles himself is pretty poor; and talented batsmen don’t always make for good skippers. Look at Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara.

    1. Trott is certainly earning the right to get a fair chance…no arguments there.

      I guess on KP, they’ll just have to handle the situation with some finesse. But my gut feel is he’s gonna be really pissed! 🙂

      But take it easy on Tendulkar and Lara, my man! Both had to command pretty ordinary teams, which made them look worse than they were.

      1. Ha ha…fair enough, regarding Sachin and an extent. Better captains would have been able to get the best out of their players, regardless of their abilities. Case in point – Stephen Fleming

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