Chris is the new Shane; Kohli is the old Tendulkar

Once upon a time, only in the Australian team could a debutant just walk in and win a game for his side; its a sign of the times, that the baton has been passed down to the English team. Kudos to coach Flower for pushing Woakes ahead of Swann. It pays to have a coach who follows the domestic scene and has an idea of the capabilities of players.

Meanwhile in South Africa, there is another changing of the guard. In the 90s, it was the sole preserve of Tendulkar to score consistently while all around him collapsed, despite the team winning or not. Now, he follows the ‘all or none’ principle by either scoring big centuries or nothing at all; and India has managed to find a way to win without him in the ODIs. Instead, it is the young Kohli who has taken on the responsibility of scoring while all around him perish. He has a pretty good average for someone who has always had to play second fiddle to the likes of Gambir and Yuvraj. It is just a matter of time before he breaks into the Test side, and takes on Tendulkar’s role once he retires; and once again do the rescue acts, which will be inevitable once Dravid and Laxman leave as well.



      1. Along with those 2, I have very high hopes for Rohit Sharma as well. I know he’s under-delivered so far…but I really think he has the gift to be someone quite special. Even Ian Chappell has been a long-time fan…since the Australia tour of 2008, Chappell has been predicting that Sharma belongs in all 3 formats for India. Fully agree with him for once! 🙂

  1. It’s good to see these youngsters coming through as we all know that the likes of Sachin, Ponting etc will be gone over the next few years.

    World cricket needs these youngsters, lets hope there is plenty more of them knocking about.

    Great point about Andy Flower by the way, although I would imagine that Woakes’ name would have been put forward by Ashley Giles.

    Even so, I put England’s professionalism and great attitude towards the game down to the influence of Andy Flower, I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves.

    For example, I think that fans and pundits seem to take England’s improved fitness and brilliant fielding for granted, I put it down to Flower’s influence.

    1. Batting seems to be in good hands..Kane Williamson, Dinesh Chandimal, Colin Ingram, James Hildreth, Virat Kohli, Darren Bravo, Usman Khawaja and Azhar Ali are the names we’ll be hearing a lot about in the future…Its the bowling I’m worried about..Amir seemed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but there is a dearth of young quality bowlers now and if that persists, more run-filled matches are in the offing…

      As for Woakes, Giles may have been responsible for the selection but Flower had the knowledge that he was a better bat than Swann, which Colly himself admitted was a pretty contentious issue for a short while during the chase..and i agree with you, that he has been a unsung hero for England..just the way he wants of his important contributions apart from shaping the team, is the way he has handled Pietersen and moulded Strauss’ leadership..If he sticks with England for another couple of years, they can realize the dream of becoming number 1 for sure..

  2. Try and take our baton off us, will you, Woakesy? Eh? Well we’ll just send in another debutante to get it back.

    That showed him.

    Now, can someone tell me who the hell Aaron Finch is?

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