Tendulkar vs Steyn – Immovable Object meets Irresistible Force


On the same day the Australian bowlers were bowling tripe in the Ashes, a thrilling contest between the world’s best speedster and the world’s best batsman, took place at Cape Town. There is a good article on Cricinfo about it. For me, watching the passage of play when Steyn was breathing fire at Sachin, at 4am in the morning, reminds me why I love Test cricket. Steyn was too good for all batsmen bar Tendulkar. He bowled missiles after missiles, tried engaging him in a verbal joust, all to no avail. Steyn might have had the better of Tendulkar throughout the innings, but he couldn’t prevent him from marching on to yet another century and putting India at level terms with South Africa. Hopefully, part 2 of this contest will be seen in a couple of days, and the winner of that, will decide the fate of this series.

These are Tendulkar’s stats against Steyn in the 2nd innings of this test:

23 runs from 83 balls with SR of 27.71 (72 dot balls, 5 singles, 3 doubles and 3 boundaries)


For the first few overs of the day, when Steyn got going against Tendulkar, take a look at this clip:











    1. Both teams will have reason to feel disappointed though…SA had the firepower and favorable conditions to bowl India out on the final day, while India will rue two sessions on the 4th day where they let Kallis and company seize the advantage….all in all, i believe it is a fair result to the series, and doesn’t really give an answer to which team is the better one..

  1. I agree Tracer…this was a fair result for this series…given the closeness of the contest.

    And despite the missed opportunity yesterday…I’m proud of the Indian team. This is a high quality SA team with the best new ball attack in the world…including the best bowler in the world…in their own green backyard! So no matter if we didn’t win outright…these guys have earned RESPECT for Indian cricket among the SA cricket community…and that means a lot.

    1. yup..but i’m sure that the likes of sachin, dravid and laxman will look back at this series one day, and remember it as the one that got away…unless the likes of kohli, pujara and raina cope up, it is hard to see India survive this kind of bowling in the future…

      1. This match was enthralling for the better part of 4 days. A little more consistency and effort from the indian bowlers on day 4 and we would have had a favourable result. But I guess one never gets everything! 😀

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