1. Ah yes! Have seen it over a dozen times over the course of the day…and love it every time! Tks for posting.

    But I must say…Sreeanth and Ishant, and Eric Simons, really need to work on their no-ball problem! When Steve Davis delayed that Kallis decision to check for the no-ball, I was feeling absolutely sick…luckily, that snorter wasn’t denied its rightful wicket!

  2. It would have been a travesty had that been no-balled, I didn’t realise Davis referred it.

    The same thing happened to Mitchell Johnson at Melbourne against Matt Prior.

    Maybe it is something that the umpire’s have been instructed to check for, if they weren’t watching the front foot on a wicket?

    As I suppose they aren’t going to go upstairs to check for a no-ball on a dot ball.

    1. Yeah…Johnson was unlucky too…but as you said, it would have been an absolute travesty if this SNORTER went unrewarded.

      I actually really like this latest umpiring trend…for wicket deliveries where the call is really tight. For I still have bad memories of Tendulkar being given out at Barbados in ’96 off a no-ball…when he was dominating at 90+….and India went on to lose the Test by just 30 runs.:(

  3. This trend started in the recent India-Australia series, and i suspect that it was born out of the non-use of UDRS. I feel that the umpires didn’t want to make any mistakes in such a high profile series, and if they even had the slightest doubt, they would refer upstairs, since there was no UDRS for the players to appeal themselves. And slowly, umpires from around the world just picked up on it. It is funny though, how often umpires do this in matches featuring India!

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