England’s sprinkler message to Ponting

Na na na na...Na na na na....Ponting...Good bye!



  1. I think these boys have been watching Bollywood ‘item numbers!’ 🙂

    But i’m suprised not to find that almost ORGASMIC (for a Test cricket aficionado!) picture / video of Kallis getting bent by Sreesanth’s CORKER / SNORTER / RIPPER / SPITTING COBRA!!! Oh man!!! My dismissal of the year!

    (sure, the pitch played its part…but it’s the bowler’s job to exploit pitch conditions…so full credit to Sreesanth)

    1. you should take a look on cricinfo for the pic…anyway, i was gonna put it in my next post..
      yea, that was the ‘wow’ moment of the Test for me…i’m used to seeing Indian seamers get wickets out of swing and seam, but to get a batsman like Kallis with that ripper, by an Indian bowler was classic!

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