The scoreboard I love to look at again and again…

I have a sneaking suspicion, that the Aussie batsmen are not in good form..




  1. Noooooooo! It’s just so awful. But at least Clarke was the highest scorer … at 20!!

    I see Johnson is back to his old form: letting piles of runs through and being generous with the extras. He is a nice chap, isn’t he?

    Baaah humbug!

  2. Wonderful scoreboard, that!

    But I’m sure Aussie fans must be at least a little soothed by the 183/6 scoreboard at Durban! 🙂

    Why the hell can’t Dhoni win even 1 toss?!!

  3. Well, they better not be too soothed by it..coz I reckon they would have made even less on this pitch against Steyn and co…
    As for the toss, i sincerely hope that they can change the laws, so that it is not necessary for only the captain to walk out to the toss…

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